Usual Types Of Civil Cases

By Jessica Banks | Civil Law

Mar 22

While in criminal litigations subject is focused on violation of federal law and state which is usually clear case of right or wrong, in civil litigation it is not so simple. In civil lawsuit a complainant believes they have obtained a loss because of other individual and in that order they demand some form of remedy or compensation. It is often in business world but it also happens in some other life areas. Here are some of common cases of civil law.

Property dispute

A civil litigation attorney can handle many different types of property disputes. These disputes involve everything regarding property ownership and damage that has be done to somebody’s real estate or property.


There is often a case about property line between two neighbors where one crossed it with building or planting. Individual even can require a compensation if he earns a loss just because of other’s neglecting.

Contract dispute

Occurs often because rarely people fulfill their obligations after signing a contract. This is often in area of the commercial law. It can come in many forms and usual solution at the end is that clients choose to settle rather than go on court. Also there is a big number of cases where contract is written in fuzzy terms and this results with dissimilar expectations between signers.

Complaints against the city

It is well known a complainant can start a lawsuit against city if having proper arguments that prove a harm he was caused by city law or policy. These are generally settled out of court but ones that are refused to settle by the government are mostly tried as civil cases. It is the best to look for specialized lawyer in this area which will help client to define the lines and reach a settlement.

Car accidents

These are really common civil cases with clear blame element of one irresponsible driver for created damages. It is usually solved by negotiation between two sides and paid bills by insurance companies. Other more complex and unclear cases are brought to lawyers so they can exactly identify and define condemnation and share the damages accordingly.


This form of cases is rising on daily level. They are usually against a business from side of its employees for not providing safety conditions and protections as it should be. If someone gets injured, physically or emotionally.

divorce agreement. wife and husband can not make settlement

In such working area company is constitutionally responsible for damages and injury compensation. This is often settled by agreement especially in cases such as battery, assault and negligence cases.

Class action cases

It is very similar to tort case but main difference is that prosecution represents a group or even a class of people who have been damaged or injured by the same thing. Typical case in this area is the group of employees from companies or industries that was injured while working with hazardous materials.

Family and divorce cases

Most people unfortunately had experience with this type of cases. Child custody, child support, separation, divorce, domestic violence are just some of the outnumbering relation disputes that people decide resolving on the court.

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