Top Environmental Crimes

By Jessica Banks | Environmental Laws

Jul 31
Waste management

Environmental crimes are the one of the top worldwide problems today having various different forms. Some even reached a level of the most profitable criminal activities in the world. Common ones are usually regarding to waste disposal, pollution and exploitation of flora and fauna.

Wild animal traffic

Beside arms and drug traffic this is by the Interpol third largest illegal business on the planet. Biodiversity survival is greatly endangered by this serious threat and most guilt goes at the consumers. People pay some incredible prices for black market products and if this would disappear everything would be solved.


Worst thing in all this is the more species is endangered it brings more money. It is amazing how some people are ready to pay a fortune for it. Most popular animals in black market are arachnids, monkeys, tropical birds and reptiles. There is an awful fact about making money not only on the animals as a company animals but on their parts, such as elephant tusks and rhinoceros horns. This ivory is used for some nonsense products like medicine, aphrodisiacs and souvenirs.


One of the main causes of deforestation in the world making huge damages for flora and fauna. There is a huge increase of deforestation in case of large rainforests which are being reduced in last couple of years for even 30%. Not only it presents massive threat for the forests and trees but also for endangering many species of animals and plants by damaging their habitats and ecosystems. So to fight this successfully it is necessary to avoid buying products which are produced due to extensive farming and support environmentalists by signing various petitions.


Extremely high numbers of sharks are captured on annual basis because of their fins. Even worse if we could say it, their bodies are thrown back into ocean when their fins are removed. Highest levels of cruelty is made by this where sharks die in huge pain.


Unfortunately this trend is just raising on daily basis especially in Asia where shark fin soup presents a specialty in restaurants. Sharks make extremely important part of trophic chain and people just forget this fact when doing this extremely inhumane act.

Waste management

There are millions tons of electronic waste dumped in developed countries every year and most of it is consisted of electronic waste such as mobile phones, computers, TV sets and others. They are illegally transported in countries such as Africa, China and India. Most of this waste comes from the West and there is extremely huge problem in Ghana where great amounts of waste are finding a place.

Only successful solution for this is that governments invest in serious recycling measures to level it with amount and consumption rate of the waste. Similar huge problem of is done with the water where many companies are dumping fecal and toxic waste into many rivers and lakes. Some power plants and companies flush water back in the river after cooling down their mechanisms. This is endangering many ecosystems, killing outnumbering species. Simple sewage collectors or sewage plants would solve this terrible crime.

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