Stun Gun Responsibilities

The desire to purchase and own a gun is understandable. Owning a gun is quite dangerous. Some individuals may opt to own a stun gun instead of a firearm. However, do potential buyers and users understand the responsibility in owning one?

The first and foremost reason that you would buy a stun gun is self-defense. The feeling of being able to defend one’s self when a situation calls for brings comfort to the mind. It assuages the feelings of anxiety of being left alone at home or living alone. It provides a sense of security knowing that you can always have something to point at someone and render him immobile enough to call for help or run for cover.

The invention of the stun gun was a good one. It comes in handy, especially for law enforcers who frequently encounter resistance to arrests and apprehension. When they have run out of ammunition, on a much closer contact, the stun gun can prove to be beneficial in catching criminals. It is better hidden behind a cop’s knee or lower leg, secured and ready to fire whenever the need arises. In addition, when you think that someone is stalking you, you won’t feel afraid being alone at home when you know how to use it. It is quite a comforting thought knowing you can always defend yourself using such equipment.

Stun guns are electrically powered equipment. Understanding its usage is required for safety of both the person owning it and selling it. It can deliver a minimum voltage of 100 up to 800 which acts on the motor nervous system. The effects may vary, but mostly, the individual at the end of a stun gun’s probe will be too stunned to think of anything drastic to do, much more move to do anything that could harm anyone.

An actor for a fictional movie said: “With great powers, comes great responsibility.” The stun gun is not a toy. It is akin to an electrical tool as well as self defense equipment. You can categorize it as a firearm, but it won’t kill a person. However, there are rare instances when a stun gun can kill an individual, especially if has an existing medical condition, like heart problems. The voltage from the stun gun can cause an arrest. As such, it should be kept in a child-safe storage.

This electrical equipment should be kept far from children who may become too curious enough to fire it to someone. It should also be purchased from a reputable and authorized stun gun business establishment in order to ensure your own safety. One must suspect low quality stun gun if it was offered in dark alleys or referred by a colleague. Its usage is legal in a number of cities and states and can be purchased along with a license.

It should not also be used for any type of game. There are states that allow the purchase of a stun gun by private citizens, but it was not meant to be carried around as a weapon. Using it as potential self-defense equipment is the primary reason for its legal mandate for private citizen’s ownership. It is legally mandated as well as expected to be kept within the premises of the individual’s home. You are not allowed to carry it to work, to school or any other place for that matter.

Individuals who own a stun gun are subject to the laws pertaining to its proper use. You cannot have a stun gun without the license that comes with it. If you happen to have one and it doesn’t have any license, you should surrender it to the authorities and tell them where you got the stun gun. This way, you help the government track down on its illegal selling and illegal possession – especially for those who intend to use it to hurt people.

Schools in particular do not allow their students to carry stun guns. Though there is an increasing number of bullying cases, both in the lower and the high school years, carrying a stun gun is a serious offense worthy of a felony case when caught. Young people under eighteen are sometimes allowed, as mentioned in some city and government mandates, but a test is provided along with a tracking sensor on the equipment. This is to ensure that abuse of the equipment would be avoided.

There are no tangible data on deaths caused by stun guns. But improper usage and storage could lead to accidents and injury. It was invented to protect lives and property – it should remain as such.