What’s Pay Per Click?

Pay-per-click marketing refers to a type of online marketing business where a business pays a search engine (like Google or Yahoo) to promote its website. These adverts are always shown as the first results when a user makes a successful search through the search engine; they have a label ad preceding the search result. The search engine gets paid whenever a user clicks on the ad and gets directed to the target website. Website owners do not get paid directly when running a PPC campaign, but rather benefit from the traffic directed to their website. To earn money from a PPC campaign, you need to ensure that your promotion is well designed, have your website SEO compliant, and ensure that the promotion is running smoothly. For example, you could be running a search engine marketing campaign worth $10/click, and brings in a $350 sale. Comparing the cost of $10 to a sale of $350 is like a drop of milk in the ocean.

With PPC marketing, the advertising network, like Google, rewards businesses with the best quality ads combined; it’s not all about the size of the bid the business tables for space. In other words, the search engine marketing networks reward performance; relatively better ads attract high click rates at relatively lower advertising costs.