Our Publishers

Martin Myers

As one of the greatest experts in the areas of civil law, civil litigation and business litigation it was an honor to have this professional as a member of our team. While studying he was one of the five students at University of Oklahoma for his outstanding legal writing. Finishing his studies of law and journalism with highest grades it was just a matter of time about achieving his blooming reputation. As having outnumbering honors today regarding his work and being a member of many lawyer associations there is no better person to help us keeping informed our wide audience.

David Stephenson

Before David entered the media world he worked as a very successful prosecutor. This was no surprise as he graduated as one of the best students at Harvard College and Yale Law School. He started his journal career already while studying as an editor of the Yale Law Journal. While working afterwards in world of news and law research he received many rewards regarding his publishing. Now as an honored member of our team he has devoted his time and work to present the world of law in real light. His numerous publications in our magazine are leaving every reader breathless.

Mark Hendersen

Mark is one remarkable, warm person full of great experience and knowledge about law area and environment protection. He is well known as a professional legal advisor and journalist with many awards regarding his work in both areas. Protection of the environment was always one of his great passions and he always wanted to find time for this area being aware of huge importance to keep our environment safe. He successfully managed to connect his work with passion and did some greatest achievements in awaking public spirit of saving the environment. With outnumbering articles and reports he is doing the best he can to save humanity and the environment while respecting every law regulation.

Jody Matthews

This is an important member of our team with long term experience in civil rights practice. While finishing her education as one of the top ten students of her generation at University of Chicago she just continued upgrading her high quality. Writing was always her special thing where she just found herself and a way to express her work in the best way. Starting working for our magazine was gift for both sides and from that moment she understood importance of getting a chance to spread the right word. Audience just can’t wait for her next article to be published.