Importance Of Environmental Laws

By Jessica Banks | Civil Law

Jul 05

We could say it is a matter of human existence when we talk about environmental law roles. If we want to take care of our environment and nature properly it is really important to have some regulation in place. This system of laws is actually like a guideline which takes care the protection of the environment is done in most effective way. They are significant device for the front line when it comes to take care of the environment and there are various different eco charities and legal organizations that make it so. It is a complex group of regulations that make balance and successful interaction for both sides when it comes to humanity and nature. This group is consisted of conventions, treaties, regulations and statutes which purpose is to preserve and protect environment and it often falls under common law.


Two main matters come under environmental law, there is a management and conservation of the land and pollution control. Both protect soil, water, land and air and if some person doesn’t respect or neglects these regulations he automatically breaks it where punishment is given. Commonly broken laws regarding protection of the environment are forest fires, watershed pollution, dumping unsafe and risky materials and littering. Punishments for this may vary, starting from community service and fines to doing the jail time.

Govern industries and production

Production companies and bigger industries can’t be set up without making sure they meet the legal obligations they are required in order to respect and save our environment. Environmental lawyers are the ones with biggest role in making this happen concerning protection of our surroundings.

Environment and human health

Here is all about making balance when protecting the environment so it doesn’t harm humanity. Such examples are often in agriculture using harmful pesticides make really bad impact on human and animal health.

This is where the role of these regulations is to make sure that the systems and chemicals used in environment do not harm neither side and make the best conditions for everything included.

Quality waste management

This is one of the biggest problem of today. Wherever we turn our eyes there is so much waste it feels like we are drowning in it. It is very serious problem but it could be solved with proper investment in good waste management. Sweden even made it to the level of importing waste from other countries by developing perfect waste managing and recycle machinery. Environmental laws are her to make sure this management doesn’t have bad effect on human health and environment and that is meeting proper set of procedures and standards.


People that make sure these regulations are met and respected also need to be protected by the law so they can do their job in most efficient way. Enforcers and officers have to be protected in order these regulation realize best possible sanction and control without any illegal interference. We exist thanks to environment so if we want to keep it that way foundation is to legally conserve it for the future.

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