Email marketing on businesses

Email marketing refers to the type of online business promotion where companies or their representatives send emails to a pre-prepared email list requesting for business or encouraging the email recipients to do business with the sender or their representatives. These emails are commercial in nature. Read more…

Social media marketing — Explained


Social media marketing involves an inclusion of adverts to posts in the social media post. Some of the leading social media websites suitable for this type of marketing include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. These adverts are social media user-targeted. To get started, one needs to open a social media account, brand it and use it to avail content to the page followers. Social media marketing is a bit tricky and requires one to have a huge following or spend some money to promote your ad or content through paid ads. Due to the complexity of social media users, online businesses need to be creative in ensuring that the content they share informs the user and is also entertaining. Good and exciting content prompts more viewers to share it with their followers, and the followers of their supporters, thus increasing the total number of people reached. When doing social media advertising or marketing, avoid sharing an advert alone, you need to disguise it by including it to the content you’re sharing with your audience; otherwise, the audience will ignore it. For instance, having a relatively large following on his social media pages, a single share of Ray’s blog content could reach thousands of social media users, organically. However, wherever he paid for ads to promote his blog or content, the results were overly impressing. He could include a back-link on his social media posts to allow his readers visit his blog to learn more. Besides blogging, Ray has a very able content production team that never disappoints when it comes to the content production and its presentation to his audience. Following the relatively affordable data charges in Indonesia, Ray’s production team could produce different types of content. This content could include text, video, audio and image content, all meant for the various groups within his audience.

To encourage his readers to view the content of his production, he includes caption and call-to-action to his content when posting it to his pages. Some of the call-to-action events include; “Click to view image”, Click to watch the video”, etc. While making a podcast or video content, he could include advertiser’s content in it. For images, he could include the “sponsored by… caption”. His content is user focused and only takes a fraction of the space within content to show an advert. Ray offers different advertising charges depending on the platform his advertiser chooses to have his advert displayed and the length of the advert. His charges also take into account the nature of the advert (whether text, video, image, etc.); video and image content receive better viewership than text content. He also limits the length of the adverts received for publication on his social media platforms.