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By Jessica Banks | Environmental Laws

Jul 31
Germany, Frankfurt, Justice

These laws seek to protect and keep safe the nature from human destructive activities. One of the first environmental laws are made in England even over 300 years ago and in the last 50 years all other countries over the world started regulation of these laws concerning pollution regulation and resource conservation. This created a new group of specialists whose debit is to deal with various issues regarding environmental laws and they are called environmental lawyers.

Education and licensing

It is needed to obtain a law degree known as a Bachelor of Laws for start or a Juris Doctor. While first one presents undergraduate qualification the other one presents a postgraduate qualification. If someone is more ambitious and seeks for a higher pay grade or more senior roles in the future than it is best to finish Masters of Environmental Law or a Doctor of Philosophy.


Once the law degree is completed it is required to gain further practice. Various courses may be taken as contract courses, environmental law, conservation, legal writing ad environmental topics to many other, similar topics. Most states require lawyers to pass a bar examination due to practicing beside participating in continuing education courses so they keep up with development of current and future regulations and laws. Once admitted to the bar a lawyer may formally provide legal service and represent future clients.


These vary depending of the fact for who is this lawyer working for. If lawyer works for example for a government agency his duty is to compile evidence, interview witnesses and presents the case for prosecution on the court.


If in some case lawyer works for a waste management company, focus is on complying with regulations, helping his client understand better all the facts regarding the case, collect necessary documentation and make successful defense on the court. In any way, these layers must represent their party in their best interest by carefully researching every detail regarding the case and the law.


Of course knowledge about the legal system is primary thing beside the fact it is needed for this lawyer to be familiar with regulations in the jurisdiction and keep up with all current environmental laws. Analytical skills, interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills and communication are some basic ones every environmental attorney should have in order to be good at his work. Research skill is particularly important to make best preparation of the future cases, legal recommendations, advices or defenses.

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