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By Jessica Banks | Civil Law

Aug 22

What is a Civil Attorney?

Also known as a litigators or trial lawyers are the professionals in Civil Law area that represent defendants and complainants in civil lawsuits, more exactly non-criminal cases. These lawsuits are usually concerning the recovery of property or money and may arise in many different areas of law such as family law, immigration law, real estate law, business and finance law, employment law and tenant law. Civil Attorney must be able to manage all the phases of the case which are including investigation, pleadings, pre-trial, trial, settlement and appeal. Lawyer duties may vary depending of his experience, dispute nature and who is he representing, the defendant or a complainant.

When to hire Civil Attorney?

Law is really complicated area so it is best to let professional navigate it. It is necessary to have somebody who knows ins and outs of the field and is able to explain to the client all the details to achieve better understanding of the legal ramifications.


Above all it is most important to act immediately when becoming part of some lawsuit because delaying will only bring damaging consequences for your side and making chances to lose the case much bigger.

How much does a Civil Attorney cost?

This varies depending upon the area of the law, attorney’s experience, case difficulty and spent time of working on the lawsuit. Fee structure also makes important role, some lawyers are paid by hour fee, some take a flat rate while many take a percentage of your total compensation, more exactly charging a contingency. These ones are usually very strong cases.

Do you need a Civil Attorney?

If you find yourself in situation of filling a lawsuit it may be best to at least consult a litigation lawyer. This makes good chances for success of your case. As they are familiar with all important steps, documentation, procedures in process of a trial they will handle it much quicker and efficient advising you with all possible options that could bring the best final results of your case.

What to expect from your Civil Attorney?

Representation in every step of your lawsuit is the core of Civil Attorney job as an obligation to the client. Outcomes may vary, some cases end up solved privately while some end up on the court. One thing is for sure, as these professionals know legal procedures and keep track of local news you will be in much better position to win your lawsuit.

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