All Window Blind Cords Must Now Be Provided With Child Safety Devices

Many, if not all, consider the home as one of the safest locations to be at. This is because it is a place of your own and you have the most control and handling over it. But apparently, there are numerous unfortunate situations that have happened in the home for years now that have alarmed people and have made them do more security measures.

There have been sad and tragic events like injury and death of children because of window blinds. Because of their cords that are easily accessible and reachable even to kids under the age of three years old, it can cause strangulation and choking and again, even death.

It is indeed terrible and so, it is best to really examine everything that you put and install inside your home. You have to keep these deadly cords and chains of window blinds away from your children. Even better, you should move and position their cots and/or beds away from this window furnishing so that they will not be able to get hold of it and possibly endanger their lives, especially when you are not in the room for just a moment.

A recommended move would be to purchase and utilize cordless blinds. Even if perhaps they cost a little more, it would be more favorable for the safety of everybody but your children mostly. If you already have existing ones with cords, and you are willing to go all the way, it is best to just replace them with those without cords or those with really short ones.

With the Perfect Fit Blinds System, aside from being quick and easy to install, your blinds are strong and intact, so if ever your child gets to the window and lay their hands on it, you will not have to worry because the possibility of the windows blinds falling and collapsing on your little one is low or even close to never.

Some manufacturers and retailers even provide child safety devices, together with your window blinds order. So, when you are shopping for blinds, be aware and attentive if these tools are offered and readily available. They can help in keeping the cords out of reach for your children, thus avoiding accidents and emergencies. Check if the blinds you purchase meet the safety requirements as well.

Before buying, you can even have your window blinds go under safety testing for added assurance and peace of mind.

In any case, the safety of your children, in the home or wherever it may be, is your sole responsibility as a parent. You have to always keep an eye on them because even in a blink of an eye, mishaps can happen. And if in keeping your kids safe is by buying window blinds with child safety devices, then what are you to lose? Money, maybe but you earn safety and protection, which is definitely worth it, don’t you think so? It seems cliché but it still is true that prevention is better than cure.

Owner Responsibility with Stun Guns

warningThe desire to purchase and own a gun is understandable. Owning a gun is quite dangerous. Some individuals may opt to own a stun gun instead of a firearm. However, do potential buyers and users understand the responsibility in owning one?

The first and foremost reason that you would buy a stun gun is self-defense. The feeling of being able to defend one’s self when a situation calls for brings comfort to the mind. It assuages the feelings of anxiety of being left alone at home or living alone. It provides a sense of security knowing that you can always have something to point at someone and render him immobile enough to call for help or run for cover.

The invention of the stun gun was a good one. It comes in handy, especially for law enforcers who frequently encounter resistance to arrests and apprehension. When they have run out of ammunition, on a much closer contact, the stun gun can prove to be beneficial in catching criminals. It is better hidden behind a cop’s knee or lower leg, secured and ready to fire whenever the need arises. In addition, when you think that someone is stalking you, you won’t feel afraid being alone at home when you know how to use it. It is quite a comforting thought knowing you can always defend yourself using such equipment.

Stun guns are electrically powered equipments. Understanding its usage is required for safety of both the person owning it and selling it. It can deliver a minimum voltage of 100 up to 800 which acts on the motor nervous system. The effects may vary, but mostly, the individual at the end of a stun gun’s probe will be too stunned to think of anything drastic to do, much more move to do anything that could harm anyone.

An actor for a fictional movie said: “With great powers, comes great responsibility.” The stun gun is not a toy. It is akin to an electrical tool as well as self defense equipment. You can categorize it as a firearm, but it won’t kill a person. However, there are rare instances when a stun gun can kill an individual, especially if has an existing medical condition, like heart problems. The voltage from the stun gun can cause an arrest. As such, it should be kept in a child-safe storage.

This electrical equipment should be kept far from children who may become too curious enough to fire it to someone. It should also be purchased from a reputable and authorized stun gun business establishment in order to ensure your own safety. One must suspect low quality stun gun if it was offered in dark alleys or referred by a colleague. Its usage is legal in a number of cities and states and can be purchased along with a license.

It should not also be used for any type of game. There are states that allow the purchase of a stun gun by private citizens, but it was not meant to be carried around as a weapon. Using it as potential self-defense equipment is the primary reason for its legal mandate for private citizen’s ownership. It is legally mandated as well as expected to be kept within the premises of the individual’s home. You are not allowed to carry it to work, to school or any other place for that matter.

Individuals who own a stun gun are subject to the laws pertaining to its proper use. You cannot have a stun gun without the license that comes with it. If you happen to have one and it doesn’t have any license, you should surrender it to the authorities and tell them where you got the stun gun. This way, you help the government track down on its illegal selling and illegal possession – especially for those who intend to use it to hurt people.

Schools in particular do not allow their students to carry stun guns. Though there is an increasing number of bullying cases, both in the lower and the high school years, carrying a stun gun is a serious offense worthy of a felony case when caught. Young people under eighteen are sometimes allowed, as mentioned in some city and government mandates, but a test is provided along with a tracking sensor on the equipment. This is to ensure that abuse of the equipment would be avoided.

There are no tangible data on deaths caused by stun guns. But improper usage and storage could lead to accidents and injury. It was invented to protect lives and property – it should remain as such.

Making Sure that Oldies are Well-Cared for

senescenceAll human beings will reach a stage where they can no longer take care of themselves. But to bring them to a home may be difficult for you as well as depressing for him. To allay your anxiety, you can take measures in order to ensure that he is well taken care for even when not living in a nursing facility for bluebird care in the deepings.

People aging from fifty onwards experience a lot of changes in the body. A constant complaint of aging people can range from joint pains, back ache as well as anxiety attacks. This anxiety can result in more problems like sleeplessness, depression and paranoia.

One of the common fears of the elderly is being left alone without any form of help from the outside. This is normal, especially if they are aware of their weakness or pre-existing illness which can render them unable to take care or perform activities of daily living.

For instance, a sixty-year old couple with five children who opted to stay in the countryside for health reasons will be vulnerable to all aspects of danger. For one, the danger of inadequate care for their own selves because of their age can result to more problems later on. An ill elderly person cannot go to the bathroom by himself. As such, his spouse who may be at the same age as he may not be able to assist him nor take care of him.

A widower may opt to live alone far away from his children. A good neighbor may check on him every once in a while, but the situation is far more different when they have companions at home to see to their needs. When criminals or social delinquents learn about such people living alone, they can generate plans to trespass and take advantage of the situation.

Elderly persons do not have the capacity to take care of themselves, much more defend themselves. As such, they are common targets for delinquents. But there are elderly people who are very much able to walk and do simple things. They are healthy but chose to live separated from their kids who already have their own families. If you are a son or a daughter to such elderly parent, it is natural for you to feel anxious for his own safety. As such, you should also make sure that you are subscribed to cqc qualified home care services.

If he can move around the house without needing assistance, then you do not need to put him to an elderly facility. What you can do is to make sure that someone will come to check on him every day. This person should be someone you can trust and call from time to time.

In addition, you can also get him a guard dog. Make sure that you get a trained one so that the pet will not pose additional problems for your dad or mom. On the other hand, when your parents develop illness or really gets weak because of age, have a caregiver stay with him if he does not want to stay with you. Better yet, bring him to a home for the aged if he does not want anyone to stay with him at home. Make sure that you have arranged a separate room for him since at this age, it is normal for them to be grumpy.

Legal Advice: Top Two Qualities to Look for with Home Care Providers

Looking for a quality home care in London for your parents? Well, before you go about deciding the best care for the old timers, you should try to look into the qualities that these care providers should have. Read on and find out:

Appropriate Services

You should not forget to take into account the care that your elders should receive. It is logical to look for a service care provider that specifically caters to elders with diabetes if your parents are. Should your parents require a more complex care like for those with Alzheimer’s disease and other common conditions of the elderly, you should look be on the lookout for  in institutions that have resident health care specialists.

Quality of Services the agency provides

To actually get an idea of the quality of care a particular provider has, try to look into websites of Care Quality Commissions. These are agencies that provide certifications for such providers, like bluebird care city of london. They use measurements that seek to evaluate the quality of care in accordance with the Health and Social Care Act of 2008 as prescribed by the Department of Health. When the home care service you have are at par with such standards, then you can sleep, anxiety-free at night, knowing that your elders are being cared for in the best way there is.

When one speaks of quality, it pertains to many factors, including but not limited to:

Safety and infection control

The home care institution should have evident infection control measures which can be observed when you conduct a visit. Safety for the home residents like padded bed side rails, utensils and proper isolation should also be evident.

Respect and care for the residents

You should not take this as reassurance from the staff alone. This should also be felt as you observe how the staff behaves towards their residents and how they care for them. Most of the time, an institution who’s well known for such traits will come highly recommended by word-of-mouth by your friends and people you respect.

Efficient and Sufficient Manpower

Aside from the required training that home care staff should have, they should also be sufficient in number. The ideal ratio is one caregiver to one resident. However, for institutions that have able-bodied residents, you may encounter one caregiver for two residents. This is especially true for socially-oriented institutions where residents are encouraged to interact with their co-residents.

Adequate Documentation and Medical Services

Not because the residents are older and senescent, they will no longer require regular consultation and medical services. An institution that is committed to caring for the elderly should have a resident doctor and technology-equipped form of documentation for ease of transition from one institution to another as the case may require. Your parent may have an underlying medical condition that may get detected when they are already in the home care. As such, a facility that is equipped with the right technology can easily contact you and provide prompt and apt assistance should an emergency situation occur.

Personal Injury Claims Industry has Shrunk by 38%


Between January and September 2013 the total number of personal injury lawyers/claim companies in the UK dropped hugely from 2,316 all the way to 1,485.

Personal injury is still the largest sector of the claims management industry, which as an industry also experienced a 23% drop according to a report from the Claims Management Regulation Unit. In total the personal injury sector dropped in size by 38% since September 2012.

This harsh drop in companies is mostly a result of the ban on referral fees and financial awards that personal injury claim management companies were previously able to offer. It gives a great insight into how these companies were acquiring their clients and how many were unable to continue or adapt without this marketing strategy.

Kevin Roussel of the CMRU was reported to have said that the total number of personal injury CMC’s had reached a plateau, but he also noted “the sector is not about to die” and “it is adapting to the ban and the new situation”.

Are you a personal injury claims company in the UK? We would love to hear your feedback on this. Is it too difficult to recover from being unable to pay referral fees or will the industry carry on as normal with new strategies of marketing?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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