With a thriving career in law, 33-year old Ray Williams called it a day and decided to venture into an entirely different career that best suits his lifestyle; online marketing business. Unlike in the law profession, online marketing provides plenty of space for entrepreneurs to explore, share the knowledge they have, and make a good kill out of it. Ray Williams did not require much to quit his practice as a lawyer and become an online marketer; he only learned a few online marketing tips that were readily available on the web and was able to start his own online marketing business. Before he could launch the business, he learned best practices in online marketing, which are for sure important in helping him, run a successful business. Ray had to learn the dos and don’ts of the online marketing field. Given Ray Williams’ law and religious background, online marketing has provided him the avenue of doing business using the knowledge he already had, and living in that part of the world that befits his religious lifestyle; Bali – Indonesia.

While residing in Bali, Ray could earn real money by actively getting involved in blogging through his blog http://www.statonlaw.net. Using his vast knowledge in law, Ray could enlighten his readers on different areas that are of interest to them. Some of the main areas that Ray Williams covered on his blog include the constitutional provisions versus religious conflicts, the rights of Indonesian Citizens; including the human rights, the rights and obligations of a defendant in a criminal case, the rights and responsibilities of a complainant in a criminal trial, right to information, marriage, state’s responsibilities to its citizens, among others. Following his huge presence on social media and citizen-professionals’ law forums, Ray could share his blog stories on his social media handles and pages and citizen enlightening forums.