Legal Advice: Top Two Qualities to Look for with Home Care Providers

Looking for a quality home care in London for your parents? Well, before you go about deciding the best care for the old timers, you should try to look into the qualities that these care providers should have. Read on and find out:

Appropriate Services

You should not forget to take into account the care that your elders should receive. It is logical to look for a service care provider that specifically caters to elders with diabetes if your parents are. Should your parents require a more complex care like for those with Alzheimer’s disease and other common conditions of the elderly, you should look be on the lookout for  in institutions that have resident health care specialists.

Quality of Services the agency provides

To actually get an idea of the quality of care a particular provider has, try to look into websites of Care Quality Commissions. These are agencies that provide certifications for such providers, like bluebird care city of london. They use measurements that seek to evaluate the quality of care in accordance with the Health and Social Care Act of 2008 as prescribed by the Department of Health. When the home care service you have are at par with such standards, then you can sleep, anxiety-free at night, knowing that your elders are being cared for in the best way there is.

When one speaks of quality, it pertains to many factors, including but not limited to:

Safety and infection control

The home care institution should have evident infection control measures which can be observed when you conduct a visit. Safety for the home residents like padded bed side rails, utensils and proper isolation should also be evident.

Respect and care for the residents

You should not take this as reassurance from the staff alone. This should also be felt as you observe how the staff behaves towards their residents and how they care for them. Most of the time, an institution who’s well known for such traits will come highly recommended by word-of-mouth by your friends and people you respect.

Efficient and Sufficient Manpower

Aside from the required training that home care staff should have, they should also be sufficient in number. The ideal ratio is one caregiver to one resident. However, for institutions that have able-bodied residents, you may encounter one caregiver for two residents. This is especially true for socially-oriented institutions where residents are encouraged to interact with their co-residents.

Adequate Documentation and Medical Services

Not because the residents are older and senescent, they will no longer require regular consultation and medical services. An institution that is committed to caring for the elderly should have a resident doctor and technology-equipped form of documentation for ease of transition from one institution to another as the case may require. Your parent may have an underlying medical condition that may get detected when they are already in the home care. As such, a facility that is equipped with the right technology can easily contact you and provide prompt and apt assistance should an emergency situation occur.

Window Blind Safety Trading Standards


This is not up to date news however a friend in the UK recently had a small issue purchasing made to measure blinds. Rather than charge him for advice, here is what you need to know about the law.

It requires that all internal blinds include a safety device when being sold. These include:

  • Roller blinds
  • Roman blinds
  • Venetian blinds
  • Vertical blinds

The only window blinds that are exempt from this rule are blinds like harriets perfect fit blinds that use a tabbed system. This eliminates the use of cords making it 100% safe for children, removing the risk of choking.

The UK law states that companies must make all efforts to ensure window blinds are safe for child access. If children will have access for example if it is a school, hotel or private home – that it is required to include a child safety device and a warning such as the one included at the top of this article. Also the blinds or cords must not cause any potential danger to children operating them and may not release small parts which could potentially be a choking hazard.

With that said, it is still recommended that you think about the potential risks of window blinds within your home. Move cots and beds away from blinds to prevent young children accessing the cords. Do not tie cords together or allow loops from knots. Keep cords out of reach from children, with most cords you can recommend the blind fitters raise it to a certain height.

This law was introduced in 2011. Most window blinds last longer than 2 years. A big reflection for today is to look at your window blinds and see if they are safe for children to access.

Personal Injury Claims Industry has Shrunk by 38%


Between January and September 2013 the total number of personal injury lawyers/claim companies in the UK dropped hugely from 2,316 all the way to 1,485.

Personal injury is still the largest sector of the claims management industry, which as an industry also experienced a 23% drop according to a report from the Claims Management Regulation Unit. In total the personal injury sector dropped in size by 38% since September 2012.

This harsh drop in companies is mostly a result of the ban on referral fees and financial awards that personal injury claim management companies were previously able to offer. It gives a great insight into how these companies were acquiring their clients and how many were unable to continue or adapt without this marketing strategy.

Kevin Roussel of the CMRU was reported to have said that the total number of personal injury CMC’s had reached a plateau, but he also noted “the sector is not about to die” and “it is adapting to the ban and the new situation”.

Are you a personal injury claims company in the UK? We would love to hear your feedback on this. Is it too difficult to recover from being unable to pay referral fees or will the industry carry on as normal with new strategies of marketing?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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